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MetallurgicalMicroscopes.com offers a wide variety and great selection of metallurgical microscopes! Choose from both inverted and upright models. Perfect for metallurgical labs, foundries, silicon wafer inspection, industrial applications, and quality control labs! Ideal for identification and analysis of the structure of different metals and alloys. The unique design of epi-illumination provides light through the objective, for those opaque surfaces where standard transmitted light won’t work.

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Connect this microscope to your computer with one of our USB cameras. Create your own digital microscopy system that would cost thousands more elsewhere! Obtain video on your computer or capture 640x480 size still digital images! No video capture device needed, simply plug into the computer's USB port!

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Need to view specimens under cross polars? Great for the analysis and identification of birefringent specimens. Used for viewing thin sections of rock, metal, meteorites, and much more!

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OreMicroscopes.com's high quality ore polarizing microscopes are capable for both transmitted polarized and reflected (epi-illumination) polarized light! Their excellent bright and clear images through high quality optics are great for geology, petrology, mineralogy, and more!

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Excellent low cost microscope for inspection as well as precise measurement of diameters, lengths, and threads.

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Great for medical and research applications where specimens are viewed on slides under high power. These units are for more discriminating customers who demand better quality. These are full size professional units, and produce professional results. These units are more costly to manufacture. They also contain more features that allow better quality images to be obtained. Consequently, these scopes do cost more, but compared to the competition, they are a great deal!

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We offer high quality phase contrast microscopes for applications where normal Brighfield doesn’t provide enough viewing contrast.

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Typically costing thousands more, we have affordable solutions for your fluorecence microscopy needs! Available in both inverted and upright models! Ideal for Advanced Biomedical Research, Research in Biology, Cytology, Oncology, Haemotology, Genetics, Immunology, Environmental Protection, Microchemistry, Analysis of Sedimentary Rock, And Inspection of Impurities in Semiconductors.

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Great for teaching applications where multiple people can have simultaneous viewing of the same specimen! We have 2 heads, 3 heads, and even 5 heads on one microscope!

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Great for industrial and quality control applications where a 3D view and lower power magnifications with good depth of field are needed. These units provide better quality imaging, more features, better zoom ratios, and are full size professional units for producing professional results. Just like when buying a laptop computer, a little more money will buy you a lot more capability. These are great quality units, and while priced higher than our student grades, they are still priced at huge savings over our competition.

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Need an embryo transplant microscope without the huge cost! you found it! Great for equine and other embryo transplants.

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Micro-Surgical dental Ophthalmic ENT operation binocular microscope that isuseful for a variety of needs.

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Great for projection of microscopic images. The image obtained by the microscope objective is enlarged and projected to a wall for everybody in the room to clearly see. Great for teaching!

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Need to Compare Two Similar Looking Specimens, but Don't have a Huge Budget? You need one of Our Forensic Comparison Microscopes! Great for Comparing Bullets, Fabric Fibers, or Most Anything Else! Perfect for the Small Crime Scene Lab or Private Investigator!

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