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About Microtome Depot

About Microtome Depot

Microtome Depot is the brand for high quality microtomes for biological microscope slide preparation. Our full line of microtomes are able to meet the needs of microscopists and clinical laboratory technicians.

We provide a large selection of microtomes including freezing microtomes, hand microtomes, rocking microtomes, rotary microtomes, and table microtomes.

A microtome is a precision instrument capable of taking a thin slice of biological tissue material. The slice is then placed on a blank microscope slide and a thin microscope cover slip is put over it. For professional slide preparation, slide stains are often used to enhance visible contrast under the microscope. An unstained thin biological tissue sample often appears transparent under a normal compound light microscope. If left unstained, the sample is best viewed using a phase contrast microscope (PCM) having special phase contrast objectives and a phase contrast light condenser.

Please contact us today to speak to one of our biologists about your particular application and how our microtomes for microscope prepared slide preparation will meet your needs.

Featured Microtomes

Hand And Table Microtome Hand & Table Microtome
Price: $ 90.00

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Rocking Microtome (Cambridge Type)
Model: MICROTOME-2: RMT-10
Price: $ 280.00

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Rotary Microtome (Erma Type)
Model: MICROTOME-3: RMT-20
Price: $ 470.00

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Senior Precision Rotary Microtome
Model: MICROTOME-4: RMT-30
Price: $ 675.00

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Freezing Microtome
Model: MICROTOME-5: RMT-40
Price: $ 410.00

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